Fraud Fraud Fraud

Friday, September 14, 2007

heard these lyrics before??

Fraud To Da Left For Me
Fraud Is Right For Me
Fraud To Da The Front For Me
Fraud Is The Back For Me
Fraud Is The Day For Me
Fraud Is Nite For Me
Fraud On Mind Making Money All Da Time

How many times it happens with you..You are sitting silently on your workdesk.. thinking about Rakhi sawant n mika episode.. and wondering what a bad choice mika has got.. and suddently.. there is a roar like earthquake.. and you find your cell vibrating.. with an unknown number... time stops for a minute.. and you wonder whose calling..You pick up the fone and suddenly life becomes rosey...
"Hello Sir, I am very happy to tell you thatwe have had a lucky draw..and your number became a lucky winner for a trip for a couple to india or abroad.. no strings just have to come up and pick up the prize from a party we are throwing for the winners.... we are just doing this for the puclicity of our company.. yea we wont charge you anything.. tis is a free gift sir!!!... you just have to attend a dinner party..but we have only couple entry.. oh never mind sir even if you are unmarried.. you can bring your girlfriend with you..we just do that to maintain decency in the party!!! sir, no couches will be provided in the party :)) "
For almost 2 hours i was dreaming.. about the trip.. abroad.. amreeka probably..meeting bush.. and taking Aishwarya along with me.. i was telling these plans to a collegue.. when he suggested .. hey yaar.. google maar ke dekh.. kahi tera kaat to nahi rahe.. :O
i put the name of company on google.. and the first link i got was this (click here to read article)

Whoa.. suddenly.. ek sapno ka mahal toot gaya.. i became sad and depressed.. i cant meet aishwarya now.. forget about bush :(
The guy called me next day.. to confirm.. i told him that i searched on google.. but i couldnt find his website..he smelled that i would have got the information about this company.. he said he would send me direct link of his website.. :O
Then i askd him to send me the tickets or whatever by courier.. i will pay for the couriers cost..he started saying .. no no sir.. we will honor u in the function.. have some fotographs of you recieveing the prize.. all this is publicity sir.. we are professionals.. i said waow..then i askd that i didnt have a girlfriend also to take to that party so could i take his wife along with me..
he slammed the fone .. hahaha

I researched a bit more about such companies.. wat they do is call u to a party with ur wife/gf etc.. and give u a reddest carpet welcome u ever had.. and then say they will give u prizes at the end.. and then begins the game.. they tell you about certain offers of thr company.. and then say.. aap apni patni ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte.. kya yahi pyar hai.. aap itna to kar hi sakte hain apne pyar ke liye .. et al..
Then comes in play Mans ego.. ab biwi ke samne itna kuch to nahi sun sakta.. so he invests the money.. aur uske baad ke efects ke liye.. read the link which i have given..

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