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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was in quite a frustrated mood one day... out of which i scribbled useless words on a paper.. and thought of writing it here.. but it remained on paper only.. cbecausei didn't find the thing what i wanted to say was clear in that... than i read this poem by Atty.. which i am posting here.. she has said a lot in few words which i couldn't in a thousand words..

"Why should i express my self
what would happen if i make my point clear
why should anybody understand me
why should anyone try to understand me
why my thoughts would be worth thinking
I'm better off this way
better off thinking own way
better off not being understood
M not for everyone to understand
because everyone is not worth it
few understand only and
M glad they understand me completely"

This is i can say a typical about me of Abhishek Khanna...
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