Friday, July 27, 2007

Phew.. a lot has happened in this world since i went into hibernation few weeks back..

Finally our Prathibhaji have become the first mahila Rashtrapati.. watever that means.. anyways.. congrats to her.. but will rashtrapati bhawan will retain its name or rechristened to rashtrapatni bhawan ?? whatever..

More shocking news was Shilpa shetty picked up an honorary degree at England's Leeds Metropolitan University.. any sane guy who has wasted precious 21 years of his life just to pick up a damn BTech degre will start pulling his hair.. i am also ready to go and hear any racist remarks if some university is willing to give me honorary degrees without studying.. !!

Neways these are small things considering the magnitude of problem i have at hand.. since the time i completed my engineering and came back home.. the amount of survillence by my mom n sis have reached its zenith.. If by mistake i get a call.. and if its from a gal n goes over 2.5 seconds.. aankhon aankhon mein isharebaazi starts between my mom n sis... and then comes the series of questions.. even a hard core criminal lawer will faint hearing tht level of grilling :(
kaun hai wo.. kaha ki hai.. kitni padi likhi hai. khana banana janti hai ki nahi.. uski DOB aur time of birth bata.. kundali milani hai..!!!! these all questions are fired before i can open up my mouth to say.. "I din even knew her, she was from some credit card company, giving me credit card for free..."

Last night i felt deeply concerned and ashamed of the education system of india.. inspite of being a mechanical engineer i was dying because of cold.. as i lost the remote of AC somewhere and i didnt knew how to increase its temperature without remote.. :( i tried everything from scolding it to throwing hawai chappals at it.. but it kept throwing chilled air in the room.. finally after an hour of struggling of getting under the matress.. to putting newspaper in front of its outlet.. finally i got an idea.. i turned its main switch off.. swithced on the fan n slept :D

n yea.. read a nice line outside one of the homes.. which i think belonged to our beloved himesh reshammiya...
"beware of the owner, the dog is fine "
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