Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well i was in process of cleaning up my kachre-ka-dibba.. (oops forgot to mention its a nickname for my small steel box which i brought from home when i came to college).. in the begaining it used to have all my gradesheets my high school and 12th certificates n all.. but then i put that box to better use n started using it as kachre-ka-dibba... filling it up with all novels n booksn useless papers. :)
well i found out an old paper with some stupid article scribbles on it in my dirty handwriting which i was also finding damn hard to read :D the date on that shows it to b around 1 year old.. but the matter written on it was good enough to be typed here....

There was a guy having an argument with his Prof.. for some petty 2 3 marks which would prevent him from flunking the course."Sir, pleasse have faith on me, it was just 3 bad hours i aint such an irresponsible student", "For that , just prove urself next time" , " Sir then there is no question of faith .. huh"

Well we are rational scientific people, we believe in theories n theorems, which have a statement and its proof.We aint like illiterate people to believe in faith n miracles.Haha its just like saying " i have faith in u that u will win" after u crossed the finish line!!!Well i would say " go n fu** urself" who would need ur faith now?? It was needed before the race even begun, when everything was unexpected, when the kid didnt knew anything about the path , about its twists n turns, more important the sine curve a person would face on that path.We must believe in that which has not been proved. Something which may be an obvious fact now was also once improvable and it would have remained so if nobody had had the faith. That boy who has proved his worth now might have never crossed the finish-line if nobody had the faith on him when he said,’ I don’t think I can do it.’

Faith works wonders and quite contrary to the definition we have now adopted, Faith is believing without proof… Faith is seeing the invisible…

Faith is the bird that sings before it’s dawn!
When Proof is Possible, Faith becomes Impossible.

Game Over..!!!...???

Friday, December 29, 2006

Well m back after a long time..was out on a long break.. around four weeks...Was an njoyable vaccations.. with one week in vaishno devi arnd 10 days in nainital n rest of the time at home sweet home... :)
I needed this break for soo long.Those stupid exams had sucked all energy outta me.hope i get through them without flunking :D..had lots of free time during the vaccations for all that old WHY questions n some introspections.. i was thinking if i ever found the person who invented the word "Why" to uske chote chote tukde karke kutton ke aage daal doonga .. huh.. man this word kills me at times.for no reason at times i start thinking Why is it happening? Why we all are here? Why i am doing this? Why everything can not proceed in the correct manner?
But well " Who is John Galt?" means some questions are better kept unanswered or else they will drive you crazy someday..
And hey i also started thinking about New Year Resolutions.. I again stupidly started thinking again And sadly found out.. some of my rules , my ways were incorrect or u can say not feasible in this world..n i really learnt a lot during this year..
So for the new year resolution, i decided to shed all my doctrines.. all my rules .. all my ideals.. all virtues.. now lets try playing the game by your rules...
and ehey.. the best quote i found out this year.." Contradictions do not exist.. if you feel like they exist.. check your premises one of them is wrong"
Cyao next year...


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well i posted this post i think 1 year back also but just wanted to jot them again down here.. no special reasons.. ( most of them are same some more added to the list)

Well it was all about jotting down some of the best moments of your life
The feelings are not about great victories, vanquishing worthy opponents (Remember the TITANS & RATS???) , earning incalculable riches, possessing immense power, but the small things in life which can make you happy.

  • When all my cousins call in and say "abey yaar tu aaja varna maaza nahin aayega (on some function or gathering)"
  • joy on mom's face when i reach home
  • Remembering GOA tour "When I can stand on a beach and feel the sand retreating from under my feet and yet maintain my balance waaaaow" .
  • When I realize that I have helped somebody without expecting anything in return.
  • hearing that ring tone, that specific one, when mom, dad or sis calls.
  • When sometimes I (very rarely) I realize that I did something right which I had done wrong earlier.
  • sitting and enjoying mom oiling my hair
  • calling home with no reason, just hearing everyone speak from the other side
  • When I keep delaying my daily ablutions and Mummy comes to shout on me to go take a bath!
  • When I sometimes dress up with care( insaano types)... and I realise that its worth it ;)
  • when i hear my sis's voice ..bhai tujhe pata hain aaj kya hua..
  • ....... watching sento movies more than once just to feel that i am sento kinda guy ...
  • Wen i hear that special ring tone on my cell..
  • Wen someone calls me a mechanical engg :D
  • when my mom hugs me on my way back to IT BHU
  • Wen i got my first job :)
  • Wen i got my second n third job :D
  • 4.30 pm ..27th july.. wen my hopes came alive again..

These are some of the beautiful moments which i could put together.....after hours of thinking and sinking into past...
Catch urs or.....