Thinking Again...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sometimes on those stupid lonely nights.. i ponder upon the past the present n the future.. n think...
Why?? the most stupid word in the dictionary.. creates such uncomfortable hard questions .. no one's able to answer ever..
Why it happens u sometimes make ur own doctrines for everything..
why dont everyone follow same rules applicable to everything..why is it sometimes we put such a great deal of effort n fight for our own stupid rules.. which everyone else loaths...
all my life i have struck through my own rules.. put enough faith in them to let my damned life in risk coz of them n yet stuck through just because i believed in wat i believed..
but suddenly a day comes... when u get what u were looking for.. the war is over n u have won..n then just sit and think.. was it really worth it.. were your principles really correct?? did u miss something in your calculations?? what if what u believed in was totaly wrong??
If they were.. what should i do now....

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Every story has a happy ending. If it is not happy, be sure that it is not the end".

nice quote.. i thought to put it up here.. well i just wanted to say hii to my blog.. u know out of sight is out of mind.. kahin mera blog kabhi ye naa puche.. " Who are you?? :o

n hey just keep watching this space.. a nice article coming up ..
Why banarsi people are so guilty conscious of being fuc**** banarsis.. will tell abt a real event happened in McD varanasi.. just a week after its opening.. cyao for now..