Aadat remix...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this song is dedicated to all those who do not like studyin.......

Aadat Remix !

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!

Najany kab say

grade buray aatay hain

Mujhe phir bhi akallll..ll.. kion nahin aati hai??

Najany kab say..

Door jitna 'A' hay mujh say... paas 'F' kay main..

Ab to aadat se hai mujh ko.. fail honay main..

teachers ko koi shikwa hi nahin hai..

Ab to zinda hoon main detention center main..

kitab aisi hai yeh meri.. chalti jaey..

theory aisi hain yeh isski.. mujh ko sataaaey...!

yaad karna itna mushkil hai kay dil doob jaey..

aur aankhoon main yeh sum num ban jaey

hey hey haiy hi haey hay ohohohohhhhh..

ab to aadat si hai mujh ko fail hoanay main

hey hey haiy hi haey hay ohohohohhh ahahahahhhh

sab formulay hain..!

sab theorian hain..!!

bhoola do unhain..!

jala do unhain..

ahahahahahhhhhh ahahahahahhh ahahahhhh

ahahahahahhhhhhh ahahahahahhhhhh ahahahahahhhh

ohohohohhhhh .... this song is dedicated to all those who do not like studyin......

The Secret Admirer....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

He was staring for a good part of the three hour long flight from bombay to delhi, as if he has seen a femine creature for the first time.In the begaining she felt very flattered being stared like that but then it gave way to her becoming concious about her every move, he kept staring he kept smiling...
He smiled coyly when she looked at him and just bent his head down..he actually blushed..She decided that was enough,and thot'' he should talk to me outright rather than making me so uncomfortable with his staring looks'' He did not agree, his mischievous smile and the glint in his eyes told that. He wanted to continue the game. He kept staring. He kept smiling.

Many people were around. but she was the only one who caught his imagination though. She exulted in the glory of this new found secret admirer. Even whispered into her mother’s ears “maa look he’s been observing every move I make.” Surprisingly her mom did not object to the guy’s staring or his sly smile. She started to tease her!!!. While he kept staring. He kept smiling.

The route was beautiful. The scene was fantastic from above the clouds...She was enjoying the traveling escapade as well as the attention bestowed so generously by her secret admirer. The journey was coming to an end, destination was approaching fast. She just could not take leave without the exchange of words. She mustered all the courage she possessed. Giving her sweetest smile possible she asked, “What is your name?” He looked at he, a bit surprised and I think a bit shocked too. She knew at once he was at a loss of words. He did not reply, turned his head away. His brother came to the rescue, gave her the secret admirer’s name— Vaibhav. But Vaibhav, he kept staring. He kept smiling.
We reached Delhi exactly on time. She helped her mother on the way out. And were waiting for a cabdriver, wen it happened, ................................. Vaibhav came down and shyly he said, “Divvya didi, your shoes are very nice.” And again he started to smile, and ran away... :)