Purpose of blogs

Monday, October 03, 2005

In recent times the amount of bloggers on the net has grown exponentially. Every now and then i hear stories of some blogger being cuddled up by the publishing community.I had registered my blogsite a long time back but the purpose of maintaining it hasn't percolated down my (maybe thick) skull. I am not suggesting that the blogs are not interesting or not creative in their content. Far from it. My pursuit of leisure often takes me up the blogways on the net. My botheration lies elsewhere. It lies in the purpose.It may the creative outlet of the repressed fountainhead or the angst of the shattered soul (no I am not trying to be poetic).

I have a few issues with blogging -
1) Is it worth the time that goes into maintaining a purposeful blog. Can't the time be put to better use??
2) Why would people be interested in someone like me and my thoughts (as my blog suggests)?
3) The literary abilities of most the bloggers are in serious doubt (i include myself lest critics cry foul).

It wastes my time and my mindspace to wade through tonnes of such useless literature.One final word-I myself am not sure as to the viability of running a blog of my own.But, since everyone else is writing his blog and making the world aware of his/her presence on the net i think i will give it a sincere try.I take inspiration from my friend ashok who maintains a wonderful blog. Comparison will not be justified as his literary skills possess much more finesse and reading him makes me want to appreciate and learn more and more about this beautiful language.